New office is almost ready!


In the occasion of the opening of Amaaro temporary shop on Saturday the 5th of December, you can go upstairs to visit our new office and new project!

via Franzoni, 3
Reggio Emilia

Around 7 p.m.

Book of copies in Zurich and in Gent


Ludens is present in Book of Copies with the typology “Kindergarten with less than 20 kids”.
The exhibition is still on tour in Europe!

Tennis at Cimitero di Aldo Rossi

The tennis re-enactment was the calling made by architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu for the Chicago Biennale 2015.
We played at Cimitero di Aldo Rossi in Modena.

Davide thank you so much!

Carrousel exhibition by de vylder vinck taillieu architecten is finally ready at ETH in Zurich


Proud to collaborate on it.


Lecture at Politecnico di Milano

Ludens gives a lecture presenting 3+4 projects on urban renewal at Politecnico di Milano.

Politecnico di Milano
Laoratorio di progettazione architettonica 1
prof. Fabio Fusco
Edificio I – Aula I.0.1
h 11.00

Ludens won 3 prize in Switzerland


Ludens won 3rd prize in a competition for a residential building in Meyrin, Switzerland.

Ludens on San Rocco 8


Ludens wrote “A straight story: an interview with Corrado Marocci”
on San Rocco 8: What’s wrong with the primitive hut.

for sale

Ludens invited for Book of Copies

Book of Copies_GS

San Rocco Book of Copies will be exhibited at the AA School in September 2013. This will be the second iteration of the Book of Copies, after its launch at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale – as part of the FAT’s Museum of Copies.
Ludens’s collection of copies “Kindergarden for less than 20 kids” will be presented at the show at AA London, October 4th.
see Book of copies

Stazione Mediopadana is finally open


Annamaria Prandi designed and made concept of km129, space and laboratory on TAV – high speed train – in Reggio Emilia.

Making models at Fab Lab

al fablab

Making models for competitions at Fab Lab
on wired italia

(lebens)raum is ending

see project

Ludens won Decem competition

Ludens won the competition for a residential masterplan in Montecchio Emilia.
The project concerns apartments, villas, row houses and commercial spaces in a dismissed industrial area close to the town-center.

see project

Perugia Nuova Monteluce exhibition

Opening of Perugia Nuova Monteluce exhibition in Perugia during Festarch: Ludens presents Selci project.

Fri 04.06.2011
Piazza Monteluce
Opening h 12.30
Presentation of projects h 15/16.30

see project

(Lebens)Raum on contruction

(Lebens)Raum is finally on contruction!

Montecchio Emilia
via Ungaretti

see project

Peep is at Social Housing Exhibition in Milan

Peep is at Social Housing Exhibition, the most important exhibition on social housing in Europe.

EIRE – Expo Italia Real Estate

Peep is selected for Premio In/arch 2011

Peep is selected for Premio In/arch 2011 in “social housing” category.

Prize Ceremony
24.05.2011, h 18

lecture at politecnico di milano

Ludens gives a lecture presenting 10 residential projects at Politecnico di Milano.

Politecnico di Milano
Edificio La Nave – Aula B3.3
h 09.15

Ventisettetrentasette, Roma

Opening of Ventisette Trentasette exhibition in Rome.
Ludens takes part of it!

Casa dell’architettura
piazza Fanti, 47
h. 22.00

see project

E10, Europan 10 exhibition in Rijeka


Opening of the exhibition on Europan 10 projects in Rijeka.
Ludens won 1st prize!

Town Hall – Mali salon
Korzo, 24
16.09.1010 – h. 12.00 a.m.

see project

VentisetteTrentasette, Shanghai 2010


Opening of VentisetteTrentasette exhibition in Italian Pavillon at Expo Shanghai 2010
Ludens takes part of it!

see project



A Manifesto for collective housing.

download the english version

download the italian version

Ludens in Swizerland for Europan 10 Workshop and Forum


Ludens is invited to partecipate to Europan 10 Workshop on Neuchatel Canton with other 24 winner/runner up groups from 24 to 27 May in La Chaux-de-Fonds developing ideas on densifying Neuchatel/La Chaux/Le Locle and working on Mobility/Density/Nature.
On May 29/29 in Neuchatel workshop-results and Europan 10 winner-projects are the topic of three open debates on how to pass from strategic ideas to urban projects.

see Europan 10 winner project

see workshop project

see catalogue

Ludens is selected for 27/37 Exhibition, Shanghai 2010


Ludens is selected among 40 young italian architects to take part of 27/37 Exhibition in Shanghai 2010.

Ludens in Zagreb for Europan 10 prize ceremony

Europan 10 pozivnica PRIPREMA
We will be at the prize ceremony in Zagreb on March the 30th. We will present Gebel Zghir, the winner-project of Europan 10 in Rijeka, Croatia.

Ludens won Europan 10 in Rijeka, Croatia


Ludens won Europan 10 in Rijeka, Croatia with a project called Gebel Zghir (small mountain).
We’d like to thank Francesco Maracchioni

see project

read articles
on Abitare

on Archiportale

Ludens’s speech on disused quarries


Annamaria Prandi is invited to speak about research project ExCave on disused quarries during the meeting “Il patrimonio archeologico industriale in Emilia Romagna”

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale
via della Beverara, 123

see project

Gran Milano on


Gran Milano was edited on Yearbook Skira website, presenting videos of 12XMILANO exhibition on Urban Center Milano.

see video

Peep in l’industria delle costruzioni


Peep is selected from “l’industria delle costruzioni” on a special issue (n. 407) on social housing.

see project

Ludens at 12XMILANO


Ludens is invited to 12XMILANO exhibition and talk with other 11 young italian architectural offices discussing about Milan.

Urban Center Milano
galleria Vittorio Emanuele, 11/12

mon/fri  09 a.m./6 p.m.

Opening: 02.07.2009 at 6.30 p.m.
Talk: 16.07.2009 with Luca Molinari, Andrea Branzi, Nicola Russi, Carlo Masseroli.

Journey to Croazia and Slovenia


This is the site where Hrvoje Nijric is going to plan new Rijeka library.
Rijeka, Zagreb and Lubijana .. east is awesome !

Ludens on Yearbook of the world architecture


The good italian suburbs / La buona periferia italiana
That’s the headline of Luca Molinari’s article on Ludens in Skira Yaerbook (now, with some students’ works about Peep project.

read article

Ludens hosts Separazioni, a photo exhibition


Ludens hosts Separazioni, a photo exhibition of students of Scuola Internazionale di Fotografia Apab/Firenze, one of the off-shows of Festival Fotografia Europea di Reggio Emilia.

via Emilia San Pietro, 21
42100 Reggio Emilia

opening day: april 30, 7/11 p.m.
exhibit: may 01/03, 10/23 p.m.

Ludens on Abitare/Mirrors

regg23ott2005_004-11 edites an article about us in Mirrors heading,
which talks about young architectural offices.

read article

Ludens is invited to Dreaming Milano


Ludens presents Gran Milano to Dreaming Milano exhibition in Milan.

see project

opening: April 17 at 7 p.m.
exhibition:  April 22/24 from 7 to 11 p.m.
and April 25/26 from 1 to 6 p.m.
workshop:  April 24th at 8 p.m.

ex Fondazione Mazzotta, Foro Bonaparte 60, Milano

read more

Ludens presents sviloop, Roveredo in Piano


Ludens presents sviLOOP, its project for the 4th urban laboratory of La città complessa, called Progettare la città vasta, luoghi pubblici condivisi. The other projects are by Tamassociati, CZstudio and Kallipolis.

You can request the catalogue to

see project

Journey to Paris


Ludens makes a 5-days trip to Paris. Among others the most interesting things to see are buildings by Combarel-Marrec, Périphériques, Beckmann-N’Thepe. Two beatiful exhibitions: Lacaton-Vassal at Citè de l’Architecture and Depardon-Virilio’s “Terre Natale” at Fondation Cartier with wonderful exhibit project by Diller-Scofidio+Renfro.

ludens presents sviLOOP, Pordenone

ludens, la città complessa, pordenone

Ludens presents sviLOOP, its project for the 4th urban laboratory of La città complessa, called Progettare la città vasta, luoghi pubblici condivisi. The other projects are by Tamassociati, CZstudio and Kallipolis.

The catalogue is presented on the same night in Pordenone.
You can request the catalogue to

see project

Journey to Lausanne, CH

ludens, viaggio svizzera novembre

Ludens makes a 2-days journey to Lausanne to visit the site of a competition and some new architectures in Swizerland.

Workshop Rosta Nuova


The Municipality of Reggio Emilia invites Ludens and other 5 offices to make a 5 days workshop to present projects that revise Rosta Nuova, a INAcasa discrict by Albini, Helg, Manfredini.  Ludens makes Tappeto Rosso. On Sunday the fifth of November there will be the presentation af all the projects.

see project

Journey to Swizerland


Ludens makes a 4 days journey to visit contemporary architecture in Swizerland. Engadina, Zurich, Basel among the visited places.

PEEP in Atlante dell’abitare contemporaneo, Skira


PEEP is selected from Maria Alessandra Segantini (C+S office) to take part of Atlante dell’abitare contemporaneo, a worldwide atlas of contemporary residential buildings, for Skira.

see project

Journey to Slovenia


Ludens makes a journey to Slovenia to visit architecture close to Lubjana and Maribor.

Delivered first step Selci, Monteluce


First step in Selci project was delivered with success after 6 months working, after having won competition in October 2007. Selci is about 3 residential building in Monteluce masterplan by Bolles&Wilson, in Perugia.

see project

Festarch, Cagliari


Ludens goes to Cagliari to attend Festarch, by Stefano Boeri. Among the others we see conferences by Bjarke Ingels, Italo Rota, Jacques Herzog, Inaki Abalos, Junya Hishigami .. than we spend some days to the seaside close to the quarries and mines in the western part of Sardegna.